My blog is real estate by the sea

Property by the sea in Pattaya City

My blog is real estate by the sea

How it all began?

Pattaya is the pearl of the East coast of Thailand. Two hours drive south-east of Bangkok is the resort of Pattaya, which is called the Asian Riviera. Due to its unique geographical location (a closed bay surrounded by mountains), less than other parts of Thailand, it is subject to rainfall during the rainy season. This very important circumstance makes the resort attractive for recreation throughout the year. Initially this area was called Tap Paya, which means – Army of the General, but later the name was changed by visitors to the easily pronounced Pattaya.

Pattaya appeared on the map just over 40 years ago. In the 50’s, in its place was a small fishing village. The sixties and seventies were years of unprecedented construction boom and the transformation of Pattaya into a resort of international importance, which is visited annually by hundreds of thousands of tourists. Since 1979, the city is governed by its own administration headed by the mayor. In recent years, Pattaya has developed not only as a resort area, but also as one of the largest industrial, medical and educational centers in Thailand. Implementing the government program for the development of the East Coast, the City Hall of Pattaya pays special attention to the city’s ecology: protecting water resources, cleaning and beautifying beaches, improving water quality, including drinking, protecting the environment. In the city a huge network of hotels and a lot of condominiums for comfortable living for any period, all that is needed for a full rest. The uniqueness of Pattaya is that in a small area (~ 15 km along the coast) modern shops and exotic markets, fine restaurants of all cuisines of the world, night entertainments and bars, various cultural, natural and religious attractions, Spa and massage parlors, sports facilities and much more. Fans of outdoor activities will be offered a variety of water activities: yachts or boats, windsurfing, jet skis, deep-sea diving and fishing, as well as gyms, golf, bowling, go-karting and much more. Increasingly, Pattaya becomes the venue for the competitions of the highest international level in tennis, bowling, golf and other sports. You can become a spectator on international auto and motorcycle racing, which periodically take place 15 kilometers from Pattaya. Traditional for Thailand and the world famous Thai boxing is a very interesting spectacle. In many bars, demonstration battles are held almost every evening. Pattaya is a great place for a family holiday, but still she deserved special glory due to her nightlife. It is with the onset of the evening that the city turns into one big entertainment center. Many pubs and gogo bars, discos, massage parlors, local markets are open at night. Pattaya is a safe city even at night, Major nightclubs and discos are centered on the popular Walking Street.

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